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WyeBugs is an independent partnership of professional scientists, based in Kent on the Wye Campus of Imperial College London.

We specialise in providing insect diagnostic and support services to the horticultural and agricultural industry, as well as solving problems associated with insects in the domestic environment.

Our services should be of particular interest to the producers of chemical pesticides and biocontrol agents; their distributors; growers using or planning to use IPM; those interested in trapping and repelling insects, including blood sucking arthropods; and those in the field of compost and manure management.

We have extensive DEFRA and PSD approved experimental facilities available including laboratories; glasshouses; field plots; and controlled environments ranging from incubators to medium scale insectories.

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Above: Leptomastix parasitoid on mealy bug

Below: Orius - an heteropteran predator of thrips
Some of the services we offer include;
  • Pesticide efficacy testing
  • Insect behaviour studies
  • Biocontrol evaluation
  • Biocontrol agent registration research
  • Quality control testing
  • Production system development
  • Storage and packaging development
  • Specialist stock production
  • Trap/Bait testing

WyeBugs offers a flexible, cost effective service and we aim to respond rapidly to our customer's needs. We will be happy to discuss your individual requirements on a totally confidential basis and can offer either one-off or regular scheduled services at competitive prices.

An exhibit of our work achieved a gold medal in the scientific section at the 2001 RHS Chelsea Flower show.
orius - pirate bug
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