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WyeBugs is a major producer and supplier in Europe of biocontrols for species of mealy bug, soft and hard (diaspid) scales. We are members of the International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association (IBMA), producing to International Organizaton for Biological Control (IOBC) standards. We are also a supporting member of the IOBC.

Our product list includes;

Cryptolaemus montrouzieri, coccinellid predator of many species of mealy bug and soft scale;

Leptomastix dactylopii, parasitoid of citrus mealy bug Planococcus citri;

Leptomastix epona, parasitoid of vine/obscure mealy bug Pseudococcus viburni;

Scymnus and Lindorus spp., coccinellid predators of mealy bug;

Metaphycus helvolus, parasitoid of soft scale especially Coccus hesperidum and Saisettia coffeae;

Chilocorus nigritus, coccinellid predator of some diaspid scales.


leptomastix epona
Above: Leptomastix epona on P. viburni

Below: Larvae of Cryptolaemus
Please note that availability of these controls is subject to variation throughout the year. Please contact WyeBugs for current availability and price information.

WyeBugs is pleased to offer information on the use of biocontrols for mealy bugs and scale insects. As some controls are very species specific, WyeBugs can examine samples of these pests to ascertain whether available control agents might be succesful. Please contact WyeBugs for information on this service.
For wholesalers, distributors or horticultural professionals WyeBugs can despatch our range of controls direct to your customers under your own name, including relevant packaging, labelling and paperwork.

WyeBugs can also undertake to produce species not on our standard list. This service could involve production by a system specified by the customer or one developed by us. We can also offer product QC - see this site's Services section for more information.
cryptolaemus larvae
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