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WyeBugs offers a comprehensive range of services to SMEs and larger companies wishing to include studies on insects or other arthropods in their R+D programmes.

Pesticide efficacy evaluation trials

We are certified by the Pesticides Safety Directorate as an Officially Recognised Testing Facility / Organization UK (ORETO 190) in the agriculture / horticulture category under standards laid down in Commission Directive 93/71/EEC, conducting work to the latest EPPO standards.

Evaluation of prospective biocontrol agents

We can undertake evaluation of new biocontrol agents over a range of temperatures and humidities to predict temperature limits and thermal constants for modelling development in the field and glasshouse, and particularly conditions found in Mediterranean climates. We will undertake specific studies on encapsulation rates of parasitoids and the effects of prey type, plant morphology, and secondary chemistry on host location, oviposition and developmental success. We are able to examine development, fecundity, longevity and predator/prey relationships to provide functional and numerical responses and general life table data, including intrinsic rates of increase, under defined conditions.

Quality control

We can offer independent testing of commercially produced insects, following IOBC or other guidelines, measuring size, fecundity, longevity and activity.

Production, storage and packaging

We can undertake investigation and analysis of production and packaging problems; for example due to contamination by plasticisers, heavy metals and residues. Using a suite of controlled environment facilities we can undertake experimental work on the effects of temperature and humidity to evaluate optimum storage and packaging conditions to maintain fitness of product.

UK registration issues

We can help commercial producers obtain DEFRA licences for the release of non-indigenous biocontrol agents by undertaking cold tolerance and host range studies. Where required we can offer a complete service including literature searches and submission of forms.

Evaluation of non-biological agents

We can offer independent evaluation of non-pesticide methods of control, such as physical barriers, dusts, pheromones, kairomones and non-toxic chemical attractants and repellents.

Specific stock production

We will be pleased to undertake small-scale commercial production of insects for commercial distribution; for example specialist parasitoids or predators. Where stock is relatively short lived we can despatch these direct to customers on behalf of producers, incorporating logos and paperwork.

Quarantine facilities

We can undertake work on UK notifiable pest species in our DEFRA licenced quarantine unit - for example, rearing strains of parasitoids on the notifiable whiteflies Bemisia argentifolii or B. tabaci.

Insect behaviour studies

We use insect behaviour studies to assess the efficacy of attractant and repellent materials using specialist arenas, wind tunnels, olfactometers, and electro-antennography. For studies in the control of domestic pests we keep cultures of cockroaches, housefly, ants and mosquitoes, but can also use customers own insects as required.

Waste products

We will be happy to offer advice on management of insect nuisance associated with waste products such as composts and animal manures.
insect ovaries
  Above: Microscopic examination of insect ovaries to determine fecundity

Below: Insect cultures in quarantine facility
quarantine cultures
bench trial
Above: Bench trial in glasshouse
Below: Cultures of housefly Musca domestica
fly cultures
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