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This is an assortment of links pertaining to biocontrol, IPM, entomology and education. WyeBugs has no control over the content of these sites. Please let us know if any links are broken or faulty.

General Entomology

John Noyse's Chalcid database
Entomology index of internet resources - Iowa State Uni
Entomology on the World Wide Web (WWW) - Colorado State Entomology (with fantastic links page)
Tree of Life Web Project - Insects
Insects on the web - bugbios

Biological pest control

IBMA - International Biocontrol Manufacturers Association
PSD - DEFRA's Pesticides Safety Directorate
Biological Control Virtual Information Center
Biological control at Cornell
The Biological Control Network - commercial biocontrol
MidWest Biocontrol News
IOBC - International Organisiation for Biological Control

UK Biocontrol suppliers

Biological Crop Protection - commercial producer in UK
Defenders - BCP's retail online / mail order operation
Koppert - their dutch web site
Green Gardener - online shopping for organic gardeners
Scarletts Plantcare - mail order biocontrols
Fargro - big horticultural suppliers who sell biocontrols
Syngenta Bioline
ILP - interior landscaping products including biocontrols

Integrated Pest Management

Radcliffes IPM World Textbook
CICP Homepage - Consortium for International Crop Protection

On-line Journals

Florida Entomologist


Imperial College London at Wye
Wye's Gold Medal winning Chelsea Flower Show exhibit 2001
Pheromone information at the Pherolist
Podisus Online - Prof. Patrick De Clercq's research
Henry Doubleday Research Association (HDRA) - organic growing advice and products
Wye Village website - business and local information from Wye
Mike Copland's publication list


Above: Chilocorus nigritus adult and larva

Below: Cryptolaemus feeding on mealy bugs 

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